New iPad 4G Rebranded to New iPad Cellular


Apple has at last relented to pressure from the carriers and rebranded the New iPad Wi-Fi + 4G to New iPad Wi-Fi + Cellular. Apple was at the receiving end since the launch of the third generation iPad tablets since the 4G LTE versions of the New iPad gadgets worked for the US 4G carriers AT&T and Verizon only and not on any other 4G networks.

Marketing Confusion

The limited support to 4G connections created a lot of confusion among the iPad enthusiasts in especially in UK, Australia, Canada, UAE, Thailand, Vietnam, Singapore, Ireland, New Zealand, Malaysia, and Honk Kong where the 4G networks cannot be used in the iPad. In spite of this lack of support for 4G the iPad 3 was called New iPad 4G. Apple is now finally removing this misinformation.

The New Branding Approach

Initially Apple sources argued that 4G is an indication of speed rather than any technology. But there was a leading opposition in Australia and UK regulators which later spread like a forest fire. However, because the argument could lead it nowhere but lose its image and customers in a big way, Apple has decided to rebrand iPad even in the US to keep a uniform branding culture.

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