Retina Display Skipped Again in iPad Mini 2


Those who are waiting for Retina Display on iPad Mini they should be knowing that it is still not underway; iPad Mini 2 will have to wait till next season. So, if you are eager to feel how Retina Display works on iPad Mini 2 you will have to wait for another season because the gadget is now making its way to the market with the same resolution.

Suggestions from Economic Daily News Report

Suggestions from Economic Daily News Report have revealed that the second generation of iPad mini will be pushed back to 2014 for its final launch. The report also says that for the time being all the features will not be available, only some of the features will be updated. Reading any other information we are still awaiting leaks since apart from the retina display withholding we do not know anything more.

Recent Update to iOS

But we know some features about the iOS 7. We now know that the x2 mode, part of all the devices now, has been boosted. The applications will now appear smaller which will be a welcome in case of the iPad mini.

So may be the next generation iPad mini will not have a ‘2’ at the suffix!

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