Rumors Springing Up for the iPad Air 2


iPad Air 2Apple has been launching new gadgets, and it has become a routine to hear leaks about the specs and what is in store. Now, it’s time to get to know about the iPad Air 2.


As per the reliable leaks, the device would come with the Touch ID technology, rear camera of 8 MP, and has a processor of A8, which is built by the TSMC. iPad Mini 3 is also said to have the same specs. The sources also reveal that the iPad Mini Retina, was not much successful because the high resolution cannot be accommodated by the thicker size of the gadget.

The Launch

The report says that the device may be launched a bit earlier, for the Apple gadgets launch style. The device can be expected in the 3rd quarter of the year 2014. While the devices would be launched in lesser numbers, the previous editions will be available for a discount. Also, it is rumored that the 12.9 inch tablet will come to the market only in the next year. Apple is working on the new version, and it will be knocking over the market in a limited quantity.

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