Schematic Designs of Apple’s iPad Air Plus Revealed


iPad Air PlusEverybody in gadgets world is waiting for Apple iPad Air Plus or iPad Pro. The device is expected to hit the market somewhere in the second quarter of 2015. In between, however, people are speculating on the features and specifications of the new tablet from Apple.


For starters, market expects iPad Air Plus to have an LCD screen of 12.2 inches with dimensions being 12” x 8.7” x 0.28” . There are others who expect Apple to come up with a screen size 12.9 inches in this device.


Apple may include A9, which is its new processor. This processor is expected to be an upgrade of A8X processor that Apple had included in iPad Air 2. Effectively, the processor in iPad Air Plus is probably going to be A9 and not A8X as previously thought. There may be dual speakers on the bottom as well as the top surface to create stereo audio effect. As to design, market expects iPad Air Plus to be quite similar in looks to iPad Mini and iPad Air 2.

The schematic designs of the new tablet were suggested by Mac Fan, a Japanese magazine. The magazine also feels that existing iPad Minis might be discontinued the Arrival of iPad Air Plus. However, Apple has not confirmed either the day of launch of iPad Air Plus or new iPad Mini 4 nor their features and specifications. Therefore, much of these expectations remain to be speculations.

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