Smaller iPad Coming: New York Times


New York Times has reported citing unnamed sources that Apple is indeed in the process of developing a smaller iPad, the 7.85-inch tablet that many call the iPad Mini. However, still the rumors only go to the extent of telling the screen size.

Why Not a Small iPad

Late co-founder Apple CEO has sidelined the need for a 7-inch slate to augment; the 10-inch iPad product line said that such petite gadgets would ever get beyond ‘surfing the web in the bathroom!’ However, since the mid-2000s Apple has been working on the concept. Perhaps now Apple finds the idea not such a terrible thing after all following the success of the Kindle Fire and the excitement of the new Google Nexus 7.

What Now

Analyst Horace Deidu said in an interview with the Times that Apple would market is as a bigger iPod Touch rather than a smaller iPad. Moreover, it will concentrate on people on the move- especially in China and Japan. With Apple having the retina display card with them, Amazon planning a bigger Kindle Fire and the unique Surface tablets from Microsoft, all makes the tablet industry ever more intriguing rather than appealing. A smaller iPad, it is said will take Apple market share beyond the half way mark.

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