The Wonders of Having a PlugBug


Those of you who have to struggle hard juggling AC power between your iPhone, MacBook, and iPad gadgets then Twelve South’s PlugBug is all that you need.

What is a Plugbug

A PlugBug is a ten Watt USB charger that easily shatters onto the gadgets like  MacBook and MacBook Pro which lets you charge your laptop as well as iOS device at the same time without creating any hassles for you. The PlugBug is inspired from Apple’s standard adapter design which replaces the existing interchangeable plug-prongs. Basically, it gives you a double-benefit way to convert your AC adapter for North American use just in case you are traveling from abroad.

Plugbug’s Uses

The best part is; it is compatible with all iPad as well as iPhone models. You can use the PlugBug if you just want the USB adapter. Also, it is compatible with all the current as well as previous MacBook power adapters. Pass-through power is sent to the MacBook adapter, while keeping little distance for PlugBug’s own USB charging abilities. In a nutshell, it is a great utility and surely it is going to help people a lot who find difficulty while charging their laptop and iPhone or iPad simultaneously.

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