Top 3 Must Have Accessories For Apple iPad


Apple iPad has been in the news for long time and the sales of Apple iPad is increasing virally all around the world. It has always been one of the hot topics on twitter, facebook, blogs and other social networking sources.

According to Apple, more than 2 million iPads are already sold and the number is increasing everyday. Apple iPad has got a powerful design, but of course there are tons of accessories to make it even better.

The buyers of Apple iPad are totally confused about the accessories and still wondering which one they should choose, here is a low down list of Top 3 Must Have Accessories for Apple iPad:

#3. Waterwear – Waterproof Case for Apple iPad By Tunewear

Waterwear Apple iPad Water Protecting Case

Waterwear is a waterproof case for Apple iPad which protects Apple iPad against water. It has been one of the favorite case of users who loves to take their iPad to beaches.

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#2. iCoat – Anti-Scratch Invisible Screen Protection for Apple iPad

iCoat Apple iPad Screen Guard Protector

iCoat is a basic requirement for all the iPad users, iCoat is basically a screen protector for iPad and it is invisible and anti-scratch which is really good.

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#1. ClamCase- Bluetooth Keyboard, Flip Case, Stand for Apple iPad

ClamCase Apple iPad Case

Though iPad has always been known for its unique design and light weight, but who wouldn’t love to turn his iPad into a sexy notebook? ClamCase is a three-in-one case for the iPad. It gives an all new look to the iPad and turns your iPad into a fully featured notebook. As I said, it is three-in-one, those three things include Bluetooth Keyboard, 360 Degree Flip Case and an Infinity Stand. So, ClamCase holds the first position and it is the best accessory for the Apple iPad in my opinion

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