Waterproof Keyboard Keys-To-Go for iPad Unveiled by Logitech


Logitech Keys to GoThe various models of iPad have specific keyboard designed specifically for it but recently Logitech has revealed a keyboard that will work with any iPad gadget. The name of the keyboard is given as Keys-To-Go.


Keys-To-Go truly depicts its name as it is very light and thin that can be easily carried in a bag while one is on the move. This handy keyboard is specially created using the fabric called FabricSkin that makes it completely dust and water resistant. The device weighs only 180 g and is just 9.5” long, 5.4” in height and 6 mm in thickness.

Other Key Features

Apart from having ultra thin and light dimensions this keyboard has Bluetooth feature that also includes shortcuts for iOS. Its battery life is long and can be used up for three months. Right now the keyboard will be provided with the 3 colors-black, red and teal.

The most astonishing thing about the device is that it can fit the pockets of your bags without any hassle and you do not to cover it with a bulkier case also. It resembles the Microsoft Surface keyboard Touch Cover as it is also constructed using the one-piece construction technology. Moreover, users can also use the Keys-To-Go keyboard with iPhones. It is not sure if this portable writing device would work with android device or not.

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