Waterwear – Waterproof Case for Apple iPad By Tunewear


Tunewear Waterwear Apple iPad Water Protecting Case

Most of you already know that there are tons of applications available for the Apple iPad, but did you ever thought that there will be tons of Accessories too?

Well, I have already covered up a lot of iPad Accessories on this blog, its time for a new iPad Accessory. Recently tunewear (a Tokyo based firm) introduced their waterproof case for the Apple iPad, this waterproof case is known as Waterwear.

Now your iPad can accompany you in the kitchen or you can take it to beaches as well, you won’t be worried about water anymore, the all new waterwear comes with an adjustable strap providing comfort to the user. This accessory is one of the basic accessory for the Apple iPad (What is iPad?).

Price of the Waterwear 3,480 yen, which is almost equal to $38. This accessory will surely do well in the Japanese market atleast.

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