Apple iPad’s Commercial – What is iPad?


Apple iPad Commercial Advertisement

Most of the geeks are now familiar with the new gadget Apple iPad. Apple iPad is one of the most awaited Apple Gadgets, but the wait is over now. Apple iPad is now available, Apple did a great work on the marketing and promotion of Apple iPad, and here is the next step they took, a cool new iPad Commercial (also known as What is iPad?).

Have a look:

I personally love it, its just awesome. One can’t explain any gadget better in just 30 seconds. What are your thoughts about the Apple iPad Commercial Advertisement… Do you like it? Share your thoughts with us.

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  1. Riya says:


    Whats the main difference between Samsung Tab and and the Ipad, I have checked I pad, but its size is too big as compare to the Samsung Tab. So what is the main difference betwwen both so that I can also consider Ipad.

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