ASUS launching new PadFone Infinity


Asus Padfone InfinityASUS is going to release a very interesting concept via its PadFone. This gadget has never made its state side. Basically it’s a Smartphone like other Smartphone’s of Android. But if you are sliding it back to the tablet housing then it will be converted in a complete tablet which a huge user interfaces of 10 inches.

ASUS’s PadFone is basically called the “NEW PADFONE INFINITY”. The device does not look so creative but everything does not depend on its looks. This gadget is features with a processor of Snapdragon 800. It also has an additional micro SD slot with a white model lineup.

People who already own an android device will not experience any big update but those who want to buy a new Android gadget can buy this as this is going to be a fantastic gadget.

These gadgets will launch in Taipei on September 17. The launch event will be hosted by Jerry Shen i.e. the ASUS CEO. This whole new gadget has the capability to turn the lives of people. I will also be features with most powerful technology so that its users can experience a whole new technology.

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