ASUS reveals new accessories for Nexus 7


The newest tablet by Google which is the Google Nexus 7 was made by no other than ASUS. The company has certainly manufactured some excellent products such as the Transformer PRIME and the Transformer Infinity but the Nexus 7 is an even better addition to Google’s Nexus family. This is because for the price tag, you are getting a device that is unmatched by any other competitors.

With this being said and done, you can also expect some official accessories for the Nexus 7 as well. This is because if the device is as successful as the famed Kindle Fire, then you can certainly expect a lot from ASUS in terms of accessories and support for the device. The first two accessories that were leaked were its cover and docking. For starters, these certainly look good and work just as good as well.

The dock for example, would cost around $49.99 but it does come with an audio output along with a simple looking wedge design. In addition to that, a cover which will be dark grey in color will also be released at a price tag of just $19.99. These will just be the start because we expect more accessories will follow suit.

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