ASUS Tablet 810 passes FCC


Windows 8 has yet to arrive but it seems that there are already a lot of tablets that were already manufactured or due to be released during the initial launch of Microsoft’s latest operating system. One of the devices that we are talking about is the ASUS Tablet 810 which will be one of the earliest devices that will be powered with Windows 8.

The ASUS Tablet 810 is said to come with an 11.6” screen with Super IPS+ technology. With this being said and done, you are looking at a tablet with a really good screen. In addition to that, it will also feature a dock with keyboard, touchpad and USB ports. You’ll also be getting an 8MP camera in addition to a Wacom digitizer stylus. NFC will be built in with this device as well.

The good news about the ASUS Tablet 810 is that the company had already filed the device with the FCC and they have given the green lights to it as well. The only thing to do now is to wait for the launch of Windows 8 and hoping that this device will come hand in hand with the launching date as well. The price tag of this device has yet to be announced.

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