ASUS Transformer Prime: A hybrid between notebook and tablet


What happens when a manufacturer cannot decide whether to make a notebook or a tablet? The answer is the ASUS Transformer Prime which is a hybrid between both devices. This is because the ASUS Transformer Prime is a tablet which comes with a docking station that has a trackpad and a keyboard in addition to an additional battery. However, the docking station comes at an extra $150.

In addition to that, what makes the ASUS Transformer Prime a great tablet is due to its technical specification. It is the first tablet to ever wield the NVIDIA Tegra 3 quad-core processor meaning that this device can be considered one of the best Android devices in the market. Its Super IPS+ display would mean that pictures would extremely accurate and sharp on the ASUS Transformer Prime.

The battery life on the ASUS Transformer Prime is also one of the best as compared with other tablets in the market as it fared roughly 10:17 hours without the use of the dock. With the dock, it is estimated to run at a long 18 hours.

At a price of only $599 without the dock for the 32GB version, it would be wise to get this tablet as it is simply the best in the market. It would definitely be a while before there will be any competitor to the ASUS Transformer Prime.

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