ASUS Transformer Prime TF700T marked as ‘in stock’ at Office Depot


The ASUS Transformer Prime TF700T is a tablet that many people have been looking forward to. This is because of its excellent spec and price as well. This 10.1-inch tablet sports a full HD screen which is something that most tablets today do not have. This device has been unveiled about six months ago and in a matter of days, the TF700T will be made available in the United States market.

Office Depot isn’t waiting for the 16 July release date because even on 13th July 2012, the company’s store website had already shown that the product is ‘in stock’. It means that you can already make your purchase instead of having to pre-order it. However, those that want to buy two would need to buy them under another person’s name because it customer is limited to only two of these devices.

The ASUS Transformer Prime TF700T has a quad-core Tegra 3 processor and has 6 variants. It is offered in both Wi-Fi and 3G with storage space of 16GB, 32GB and 64GB. On Office Depot however, only one variant is available which is the 32GB Wi-Fi version. At a price tag of $499.99 without the dock, you are looking at one expensive tablet.

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