AT&T Revises Data Plans for Smartphones and Tablets


AT&T has officially announced that it will be changing some of its data plan offerings for smartphones and tablets. These changes will be effective from the coming Sunday, that is, January 22. While the new plans sound good, as they will offer more data to the user, the flip side is that the customer will have to incur a higher cost every month.

As of now, AT&T charges its smartphone users $15 per month for a 200MB data plan; $25 per month for 2GB and $45 per month for 4GB data usage, which is also inclusive of tethering. This rate card was reasonable enough. The revised AT&T plans will offer 300MB, 3GB and 5GB of data. But here, the customer will also have to pay $5 extra per month to avail these plans.

If you are constantly using the Internet, these plans will not hurt you at all – they will actually be helpful for you. The lowest plan now offers you 300MB for $20 a month. The two bigger plans will come with an overage charge of $10 per extra GB consumed. Also, the AT&T customers who use tablets can only avail the 3GB and 5GB plans. They will not be eligible for the lowest plan.

New AT&T customers will have to perforce choose one of the new plans. The saving grace is that existing customers can either stay on their current plan or move on to the newer plans on Sunday. Older customers who wish to continue on the unlimited plan will not be affected in any way either.

Though some AT&T customers are bound to grumble about these changes, the fact remains that the carrier still charges less than rival Verizon, which expects its customers to cough up $30 for just a 2GB plan. Spending the same amount on AT&T gives you the facility of 3GB data per month.

What do you think about the AT&T data plan revision? Is it reasonable, considering their service and coverage? Would you sign up for any of AT&T’s new plans?

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