Barnes and Noble Finally Releases Nook for Web


After Amazon introduced online reading app accessible through browsers, Barnes & Noble finally emulates the trend by releasing their own version of the Nook-like reading browser based environment- Nook for Web. The service will work on both PC and Mac platforms, and this will give more push for the content sales of the Barnes & Noble e-book store.

Nook for Web

The Nook for Web site will work on both PC and Mac platforms, but support for other gadgets like tablets, smartphones and similar paraphernalia will be coming this fall only. It supports the leading browsers like Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, and Apple’s Safari. Barnes and Noble say that the app provides a ‘Nook like reading environment’ that users are familiar with in the e-readers or its apps.

Barnes & Noble Responded Lately

However, it is particularly surprising that after Kindle released their web-based e-reading platform in 2010 it took Barnes & Noble this long to respond to it. The browser-based service is extremely useful since there is no need for an account sign-in or any software download for reading. You can search for e-books, sample them and read them in full as well as use the B&N store.

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