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The iPad has now become the most popular gadget for diehard Apple lovers. Offering various features and functionalities, this device is one of the most sought after among tech-junkies. In this article, we bring to you the best accessories for your Apple iPad. These appendages help you make the most of your mobile gadget.

There are thousands of cool iPad accessories available in the market today, including protective cases, styluses and so on and so forth. We feature some of the most popular among them. Take a look at these accessories.

  • Otterbox Defender Case for the iPad

Otterbox is always known for their amazingly good protective cases. They also have a line of cases for the iPad. The Otterbox Defender Series for the iPad features damage-proof cases, which comprise three layers of protection for the iPad, shielding it from falls and other damage.

You will have to remove the back polycarbonate cover and attach it over the face of the device for absolute protection.


  • CaseCrown Messenger Bag

The CaseCrown Vertical Multi Pocket Mobile Messenger Bag is just the right thing to pack your iPad or Netbook in. While the main compartment houses the device itself, there are a number of additional pockets which you could use to store many other accessories, such as charger, mobile phone and so on.

This handy iPad accessory is great for students and executives alike.

  • PowerJolt Micro Car Charger from Griffin

The Griffin PowerJolt Micro Car iPad Charger gives you fast charging for your Apple devices. This helps you charge your device from almost any vehicle power outlet. It comes with a dock cable which can be used separately to also charge or sync your other Apple devices.

This accessory is definitely for iPad users who are always on the move.

  • Anti-Glare Screen Protector from Power Support

This anti-glare screen protector for the iPad, available from Power Support, shields your iPad from dust, fingerprints and scratches, also far reducing glare in full sunlight.

This screen protector is very easy to stick on and clings to the display screen, leaving no sticky residue whatsoever in case you would like to remove it. It also does not affect the screen’s touch responsiveness in any way.

  • Sketch Stylus from Ten1 Pogo

A stylus is always a valuable accessory for touchscreen devices. The same is the case with the iPad. This helps immensely, especially when you need accuracy while working with your mobile device.

The Sketch Stylus from Pogo is great for drawing on your iPad. This lightweight aluminium accessory has a soft tip which moves easily over the iPad screen, making it easy for you to draw figures on the device, take notes and so on.

Good to grip and comfortable to use, this one is a must-have accessory for iPad owners.

  • Just Mobile UpStand

This is one of the other most popular accessories for the iPad. The Just Mobile UpStand, made from aluminium, supports your iPad, propping it up on your desk.

Its supporting grips are finished in rubber, which helps it get a firm hold on the device, preventing it from slipping off while in standing position. This accessory is also compatible with most of the standard iPad cases.


There are many other accessories that we have not included in this list, as we have merely focused on the most important accessories for your iPad. Do give us your feedback and let us know if you have come across any more interesting iPad accessories.


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