Blackberry RIM Tablet – Releasing December 2010


RIM Blackberry Tablet

Blackberry is going to come up with a tablet “RIM“. Blackberry’s RIM is expected to be another competitor of Apple iPad. You must be knowing that a lot of features are missing in Apple iPad, I have already listed the Apple iPad Features on this blog.

There are chances that the competition could be Neck to Neck, as you know Apple has already got the power of marketing, peeps out there are crazy for Apple Gadgets (for the namesake). But, there are chances that Blackberry might be having some extra ordinary features which might get the attention of all the Geeks out there.

So, the only way to compete with the world’s most awaited gadget (Apple iPad) is that, the competitor should have some special features to gain the attention of Geeks.

RIM will be having 8.9-inch, it is said that it wont be having connection to the integrated cellular network except for the Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connection.

Do you think that Blackberry has got some good features and specifications to get more sales compared to Apple iPad? I guess you will have to wait till the release of RIM Blackberry Tablet, which is expected to release in December 2010.

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