Chromebook’s Touch based Version named Pixel Unveiled by Google


Google unveiled the latest Chromebook nicknamed as Pixel- based on touch technology in the market. You can now place an order via Google Play and very soon, probably by next week, the gadgets will be available at But for the 64GB LTE you will have to wait till April, for the time being, the 32GB can be owned with $1299.


The Pixel is true to its name as the gadget has a high pixel density as compared to others. At 2560×1700 the 12.58 inch display this model is made for best viewing experience with 239ppi; the nearest competitor –the MacBook Pro has 227ppi.

Over four million pixels

The VP of the engineering division at Google as specified that the device is “packed with 4.3Million pixels”. Thus it will give us crunchier images, sharper letters and vibrant colors. Additionally the touch screen will provide seamless navigation, tab organizing and even editing pictures with your fingers.

The look is amazing too- it has a durable finish with the anodized aluminum, the stereo, vents, screws are all hidden, the etched glass touchpad gives extra precision. It has a neat look with Google drive cloud storage of 1 TB.

Though the Google has teamed up with Lenovo, Acer, Samsung and HP but they did not reveal the producer of Chromebook Pixel.

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