Cisco Showcases Android Tab Cius: Good for Business Users


This Thursday Cisco, renown networking company, launched an Android tab- Cius. The tab powered by Andoird 2.2 will be replacing desktops and other computing devices in coming future as per company resources.

Official Launch of Cius

Along with Cius, Cisco also launched Apple HQ – Apple store for Cisco tab. This store will basically develop and sell typical business apps. Cius, integrated with the access to lots of other Android apps available in market, is going to be the superb companion for the business professionals who love to carry mobile computing devices for their business.

The cost of this android gadget is $700. Additionally, the device has preinstalled IMs like Gtalk and other biz apps.

Features of Cius

Amazingly this tab has Atom processor of 1.6 GHz speed; in fact, till now this processor is used frequently for Netbooks. Having registration with Unified Communications, the owner of this device is actually equipped with “Mobile Desk Phones” hence it can be used as an internet telephone network terminal. If facilitates the user with HD video calls on another user.

According to company representative, this device is just not a standalone device but it’s a complete business solution. It is perfect device for business use.

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