eBook Readers: Nook, Kindle & iPad


A lot of people choose to read books over an eBook reader instead of a paperback book simply because it is easier and more portable as compared with a real book. The usage of e-ink display also makes eBook readers more attractive as it looks a lot like a real page as well.

One of many eBook readers that are available is the Nook by Barnes & Noble. It comes in two flavors which is the Nook Color and the normal Nook each comes with a price of $249 and $139 respectively. Books are available online and are plentiful although the collection may not be as much as this next eBook reader.

The Amazon Kindle is one of the most prominent eBook readers in the market with the Kindle with special offers costing only $119. The bigger Kindle DX will cost the user $379 although we recommend that the users wait before buying any Kindle because there are rumors of a new Kindle tablet that will soon be released.

The iPad on the other hand is more of a tablet rather than an eBook reader although it can read multiple files and view them through a colored screen. We’re sure that you’re pretty well informed about the iPad anyway.

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