First Android 4.2 Nexus 10 Tablet Expected to be Announced this October


The larger and upgraded version of the Google cum Samsung’s Nexus tablet will be broadcast to the public coming 29 October. The 10-inch model is the first-of-its-kind tablet integrated with the Android 4.2 system. With the Jelly Bean operating system and innovative features, the new gadget is anticipated to place Google as the tablet king in the market.

Trend Setting Google’s Nexus 10

There are plentiful functionalities that will place the Nexus 10 device, pet named Manta, in the top competitive category. The module houses distinguished features, which incorporate increased and high-quality pixel resolution and runs on the newer Android Jelly Bean version. The inclusion of the superior Retina Display aspect is a fresh approach to providing significant additional programs for greater decree manifestation. The presence of elevated pixel strength of 300 pi per inch places the gadget in the top notch tablet class that vies with iPad models.

Ready for Action Samsung Build Nexus 10 System

The spurt of other releases including MS Windows 8 and Apple’s iPad Mini has company in the form of the to-be-revealed Nexus 10 tablet. Manta is anticipated as a strong contender in the tablets scenario alongside 8.9-inch Amazon Fire HD, Windows RT, and Microsoft Surface creations. Wait and watch for the Nexus 10 to reveal its proficient nature.

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