Freedom i-Connex Keyboard [REVIEW]


Freedom iConnex

Freedom i-Connex is a portable bluetooth keyboard which can be used with Apple iPhone, Apple iPad and all other HID enabled devices.

i-Connex is specially designed for the iDevice owners to ease their work. If you’re bored of typing on the touchscreens or if you often make mistakes while typing, Freedom i-Connex will be a good choice for you. Some people (like me) are addicted to a physical keyboard. I personally don’t like tablets cause of this particular reason. However, I think buying a table won’t be a problem for me anymore.

iConnex Bluetooth Keyboard

i-Connex keyboard can be folded from the center which reduces the size to half and one can easily carry this keyboard with the case (pouch) provided in the package. i-Connex uses two AAA batteries and offers a very good battery backup. It comes with a pull out device stand which could be used for holding a mobile phone for easing up the work.

Besides all the features listed above, 6 out of 75 keys are dedicated to media functions and the keyboard is easy-to-use. One can easily connect it to a his phone or tablet PC to make things easy.

i-Connex with iPhone

I have personally tried this keyboard with my iPhone 4 and it seriously eases up the load. i-Connex is a must have accessory for tablet PC owners. This keyboard comes with a couple of goodies and is available at an affordable price of $69.99.

For more information about this keyboard, please visit Freedom Input.

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