Galaxy Nexus is now available on Vodafone after Bug Fixing


Finally, Samsung Galaxy Nexus is available on the shops on sale after Vodafone announced that the volume bug has been fixed.

The phone based on the Android Ice Cream Sandwich software suffered from a volume bug which without warning turned down its own volume. Now, everything seems to be back on the track as the problem got fixed; however, it was fixed quite a few days before.

What UK Network is offering?

This first phone with the Android Ice Cream sandwich has got much more, as the UK network is giving this smartphone for free to its customers on a contract of two years on a monthly basis of £41.

The money you are giving is for 900 minutes, 750MB of data and unlimited text messages facility.

Vodafone Test drive for data is also accessible for you so that you can use the data as per your wish at the contract days of first three months. What more? You can sell your mobile to Vodafone if you are using Vodafone Buyback service and you will be paid £270.

What are the features?

Galaxy Nexus smartphone is powerful apparatus having Super AMOLED 4.65 inch HD display, 1.2GHz processor, 180p video and Android 4.0.

As now the volume bug has been fixed the retailers are receiving latest supplies of these gadgets without the fear of bug affecting it.

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