Galaxy Note breaks 1 million products shipped worldwide


Seems like Samsung has been making quite a name for itself in the world as previously, the Samsung Galaxy S II managed to get a healthy 10 million sales worldwide making it one of the most sought after smartphones after the iPhone. In fact, if compared with the iPhone 4S, the Samsung Galaxy S II would still have a better set of hardware. SGS II aside, the world now focuses on the new tablet-slash-phone which is the Samsung Galaxy Note.

The Samsung Galaxy Note is a 5.3-inch tablet which comes with its own stylus and is somewhat different than most tablets available today. It isn’t too big neither is it too small but there must be an attractive feature that makes people interested with it as this particular device by Samsung managed to get a million units shipped worldwide. Some of the countries on which it managed to get a large volume of sales include France, Germany, Hong Kong and a few others.

This particular device will soon reach the US market although there is no telling what kind of alteration will be there in the US versions. The consumer would probably be seeing an LTE version of the device.

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