Galaxy Tab 10.1 to Entertain American Airlines Passengers


The worst thing about flights is not only the severe lack of leg space and movement, but also that one keeps sitting in the same place without doing anything at all. One does not have much by way of entertainment either, so one craves for something that is novel and offers a good deal of distraction from the boredom. Of course, there are many carriers that offer a built-in TVs for every seat, which come with a fun touch interface as well. This makes one feel that the tablet would be the perfect companion on such a flight.

The Tablet Tussle: Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 Vs. Apple iPad 2

Well, Samsung seems to have understood this problem and is trying its level best to fix it. Starting November 15 this year, first-class and business-class passengers travelling on American Airlines can choose to rent the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 while in flight. The carrier will also give its passengers free Wi-Fi access, full Web browsing support and loads of media content such as TV shows and movies.

In case of any damage to the mobile device, the airline states that it will immediately replace the product with another one. Now, the Galaxy Tab 10.1 costs about $500, so this seems to be a rather expensive bid for American Airlines.

In case passengers would prefer to use their own Galaxy Tab 10.1 in-flight, they will still get the free Wi-Fi access, but will not be able to view the media content offered by the airlines. In that case, they will have to rely on their sources of entertainment.

American Airlines will roll out its initial program on flights between Los Angeles and New York and will expand its service with time.

November 15 seems too short a time to introduce all these facilities. In any case, I personally would love to try out something like this – fancy using the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 while in flight!

What do you guys think about this idea?

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