Galaxy Tab 3 Making a Debut on 7 July for $199


Rumors are springing up to know what is exciting and what is not about the Galaxy Tab 3 that is reaching the stores by July 7. When we look at the specs of the Samsung Galaxy Tab 3, we will notice that there is not much to be excited about it. The tablet is reaching the market by July 7 and has been priced at $199. But a closer look will tell you that it resembles the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 very closely.

The failed expectations

The price does not come as a surprise because most 7-inch gadgets are priced like ways now, but this definitely falls behind in terms of resolution. In fact with the mere 1024 by 600 pixel resolution it is far behind the Kindle Fire HD and the Google Nexus 7. The storage also is half compared to these two named before, at merely 8GB.

What is exciting about the device?

But the fact that Samsung has endowed with added features like the tab being used as a controller of other entertainment devices and 64GB compatible card slot is really exciting. The streaming video aggregator is a feature that must draw your attention too.

The low memory and resolution has been compensated with the MicroSD card slots and added features. To inform you further pre-orders begin from June 25.

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