Google Chromebook at $99 for Public Schools


Google has broadcasted that the Series 5 Chromebooks would be offered to public schools around US for $99. Samsung Series 5 Chromebook is available for $429 in the market. This event is partnered by, an online charity that enables public schools to come in direct contact with the donors.

How to get hold of the series 5 Chromebook:

The teachers of the public schools can go to this charity website and place a request for the series 5 Chromebook for their classroom. Teachers need to place the request before 21st of December. A classroom can get up to 30 Chromebooks gadgets. This number is derived based on the average size of a public school classroom. This makes clear that each student gets the Chromebook.

What is Samsung Series 5 Chromebook?

Samsung Series 5 Chromebook is a device that is of 12.1 inch, 16:10 LED display. It has a dual core processor of Atom N570, which has integrated graphics, and of 2 GB of RAM. The device allows flash storage of 16 GB. This is not much, but it has the strategy to use the website only.

This partnership will surely fulfill the classroom needs.

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