Google is preparing to launch 7-inch display tablet


Google is now entering in the field of tablet market as reported by Display Search Analyst to CNET.

Related Specifications:

Google brand is offering resolution of 1280×800, and a wide display of 7 inch, production will be slated by April. Moreover, the initial productions are expected to be across 1.5 to 2 million-units, as stated by a Display Search analyst Richard Shim.

Also on comparing Amazon-Kindle-Fire, gadgets of 7 inch, which offers display of 1024×600? As, reported Google- tablet would support Android 4.0 –“Ice-Cream Sandwich” priced at $199 in order to contend with Amazon kindle fire.

Controversies concerned:

It will launch as a premium -device or a competitor of Amazon kindle fire is yet not disclosed. After completing Motorola’s planned –acquisition, Google instantly launched 3 tablets: original 10.1 inch with Xoom 1, Xyboard 10.1 inch with Xoom2, and Xyboard 8.2 inch. Whatever might be the reason; its need for launching 7-inch display device too has marked a question. In addition, the comparative success of Amazon kindle fire of 7 inch is considering being one of the reasons.

A report by Barclay Capital Clemente said that -it has been estimated that sales of Kindle fire is around 5 million units. Only Apple’s iPad transcended that sales level in a small period. Google is gearing up to design before Apple’s iPad hits the marketplace. Google did not respond on it.

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