Google Nexus 6 and HTC Nexus 9 to be Released on the Same Day


Nexus DevicesGadgets market has its own detective evleaks doing snooping around different manufacturers and retailers. The latest leak from this source is that Google is likely to introduce Nexus 9 along with Nexus 6.

About Google Tablets

Google retails smartphones and tablet computers under brand name Nexus. The company has so far introduced Nexus 7-tablet computer.  Now, it has plans to introduce a 9-inch tablet computer which will be manufactured by Taiwan-based HTC Corporation. This HTC Nexus 9 was initially given code name T1, and according to evleaks, HTC Corp is also planning to release T2, and T3 tablets.

About Google Smartphones

Google Nexus 6 would be next in line of smartphones that the company has been retailing so far.  It will follow the serial number Nexus 5 unlike the Google Nexus 9 tablet, which is following Nexus 7.

Both these devices are expected to have latest Android Operating system, i.e., Android L, which is the tradition in Google’s Nexus devices. Android L is advanced mobile OS with game-changing user interface features. The twin introduction will ensure that Google not only retains its market share in tablet computers and smartphones segment, but also captures additional market thanks to both quality as well as latest features, not to mention the size of the monitor. Market is expecting better pixels as well. But as usual, there is a disclaimer that leaks from evleaks remains unconfirmed.

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