Google Reveals 7” Project Tango Tablet with Advance Image Sensing Features for App Developers


Project Tango Development KitGoogle has recently revealed the tablet of “Project Tango” that is meant for the developers for creating advanced applications based on imaging for different gadgets. Initially, Tango was supposed to be a smartphone but later Google decided to make it as a tablet for getting the developers job done.

Project Tango Tablet Development Kit for Developers

The company has informed that the developers who are interested in this Google initiative and fulfilled the criteria can get the Project Tango Tablet Development Kit that are equipped with the specially designed cameras to track the 3-D motion. The aim of Google to develop these kits is for making it possible to map the building interiors and spaces accurately. Moreover, the device will also be helpful in making 3-D architectural plans and providing better guidelines for the visually impaired people.


The Android tablet has 7-inch screen and will be running on Nvidia Tegra K1 processor with the RAM of 4GB, internal storage of 128GB and capable of connecting with 4G LTE, Wi-Fi and BTLE. The slab also includes a camera for tracking motion, rear and front cameras and a sensor for measuring depth.

The price of this kit is $1024, and the white-listed developers can get it from the Google Play sometimes by the end of this month.

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