Google Tablet, Not Until July


After all, publicize about Google bringing out gadgets– Verge reports that the Android OS builder will be bringing out tablets, not until July this year. The much-awaited Google tablet that was to be launched in May 2012 is expected to come in 7-inch displays working on a quad core processor.

Google Tablet Rumors

Verge reports that the Google tablet will be a co-branded affair involving Google and Asus. The tablet will come with the Nvidia Tegra 3 quad core CPU and Android Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0 OS. The slate will feature a now common 7-inch display and will have Wi-Fi connectivity.

It was just last month Android and Me reported that the slate would retail between $149 and $199. Moreover, two weeks from then the Wall Street Journal reported that it would be sold through Google’s online stores. Now the Verge report citing reliable sources is the latest news about the Google slate.

Kindle Fire Killer Again

It is clear that the Google tablet has just one aim- to capture the low-end tablet market share from Amazon’s Kindle Fire, which scored 5 million sales in the fourth quarter results. The Fire is also a 7-inch tablet, and it retails at $199!

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