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Diehard fans of J.K. Rowling and Harry Potter in his several avatars now have every reason to be pleased as punch. J.K. Rowling had announced the Pottermore Website last year. Ever since, Harry Potter “devotees” have endured a very long and patient wait for the launch of the Harry Potter eBook series. Now, that seemingly endless wait is finally over. Pottermore has now decided to see both the digital as well as an audio version of the highly addictive fantasy book series.

Each of these books is available in both EPUB and Amazon Kindle formats and will cost $8 and $10 each. In case you wish to purchase the entire box of seven books, you can do so for just $58.

Mobile device users will be happy to note that all these eBooks can be downloaded onto your Android smartphone or mobile device, 4.2 or higher iOS device or with your Kindle device. For those of you who would much rather hear than read, you can purchase the audio version for (a rather expensive) $256, which amounts to about $30 or $40 per book.

These eBooks had been originally planned to be open for sale in October 2011, but these plans got delayed due to the unexpectedly heavy demand from Pottermore users. Incidentally, Pottermore is the only Website, right now, where you can purchase these books. The rest of the site comprises a Harry Potter-themed game and social network, which is still in Beta stage right now. It is expected that it will be fully functional in April 2012.

At present, the Harry Potter eBooks are available in English (both the U.S. and the U.K. edition). Other languages, such as German, Italian, French and Spanish, will be introduced in the next few weeks. Currently, the payment options available to you are by way of Visa, MasterCard and several other major credit cards. Support for American Express will be coming soon.

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