HP gets into the tablet market with the Android based 7-inch tab


HP, one of the most reliable laptop makes is now entering the tablet market also. It is planning to launch its 7inch slate tab that will be an affordable jelly bean gadget at $169. HP Slate 7 will be launched in US first and soon will spread across the globe.

The Features

The device will run on the Android jelly bean OS with 1.6GHz chip. The ARM dual core chip is made for ground breaking performance and the display has a high aperture with field switching capabilities. So you will get wider viewing angles. Two cameras will support the system, one VGA and the other three MP.

Planning for making it large

HP is planning to make a large appearance in the market. With the Google Chrome book, running on Chrome OS, it intends to improve the experience of the Google OS users. This news comes additionally after LG has announced the WebOS on their television sets. The same WebOS prices at millions are being used in smart phones by HP.

This HP tab is surely offering tough competition to the sales of the Google Nexus 7 and the Kindle fire with its outstanding price.

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