HP Slatebook X2 – Awaits August Launch- Get a Glimpse Online


The HP Slatebook X2 is to be launched in August, and this Tegra 4 powered Android slate that has a netbook like functionality has been priced $479.99. This Android tablet has a dedicated keyboard and HP has listed this device both under netbook and tablet.

Specs and Features

The slatebook has 10.1 inch screen of IPS touch display. The resolution is of 1920*1200. It has a Tegra 4 processor with 2 GB RAM. The internal storage memory is 16 GB, and it can be extended up to 32 GB. The tablet has batteries in the keyboard portion and the tablet portion and users can see that the battery life is long.

The cameras are placed at the front and rear, and the speakers are placed at the rear. The docking aspect of the device is simple, and the keyboard is attachable to the tablet with the support of magnetic hinge. It is quite easy to combine or remove the keyboard with the tablet.


HP has a contact form for the gadget in its official site and the interested people can sign up there. On signing up, you will get the notifications regarding the availability of gadget.

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