HP TouchPad – An Endangered Species


This tablet began its history under the umbrella of Palm. Code-named Topaz, it should improve the range of devices that were running WebOS. HP bought the company Palm and the operating system has received a new spurt. New Palm terminals were launched with the HP logo, and the tablet was announced in February this year.

 Construction – simplicity and more gloss

It’s pretty hard to find another tablet that has a simpler design than the HP TouchPad. The screen protected by Gorilla Glass has one physical button and a camera. Glossy plastic lid boasts just a logo and a few other certifications of HP general electronics.

Buttons, connectors and HP TouchPad’s speakers were placed on the sides. To maintain symmetry, four elongated holes were located on the high side of the tablet. Two of them are occupied by speakers, one 2-in-one button for volume and one for bar code and serial tablet. The power button and headphone jack is on the small side, opposite the microUSB connector.

In the package we will find a power supply with USB, but with a U.S. type plug. The PSU offers cylindrical plug amperage higher than a regular USB. This means that you cannot charge the tablet to the computer or using a USB power adapter.

HP TouchPad – first contact with WebOS

WebOS is an operating system which is based on Linux kernel. Version 3.0 was launched specifically for HP TouchPad, the 2.x phones are running on Palm/HP. The WebOS applications online store is called App Catalog and has 18 applications at launch in June 2009. Unfortunately, it did not increase as much as AppStore and Android Market and currently has more than 10,000 applications.


TouchpPad HP’s battery provides a range of approximately eight hours, decent performance on the tablets segment. In principle, you can surf the Internet for eight hours in a day or use the tablet from time to time for several days.

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