HP TouchPad to get a functional Android, thanks to CyanogenMod 7


HP TouchPad was a hit at the end due to its $99 sale by HP. Although it managed to get sold out, it may be the last time HP will support WebOS on which the TouchPad is running on because HP had recently called it quit on its WebOS production due to the lack of demand. This had greatly affected the users of the TouchPad as the support for the device had been severely limited.

TouchPad users can now rejoice once again because the tablet that they bought can be ported into Android, thanks to CyanogenMod 7. It was made known to the public that CyanogenMod was working on the TouchPad but it had several failures of its own as there had been problem getting things such as Wi-Fi, audio and a few others to work. However, a video published by the CM Team showed that some of these problems have been worked out although there is still a few glitches on the audio section.

As of date, there has been no news as to when Android will be fully functional and available for the TouchPad but its users need not fret because the future of the TouchPad isn’t bleak but it would be Android.

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