HTC is Chosen to Make Nexus 9 by Google


Nexus 9Google and HTC are planning to introduce Nexus 9 Tablets in 2014’s third quarter.  HTC is a Taiwanese electronics hardware giant. It partnered with Google for introducing Nexus one. However, HTC has not introduced any of the Nexus devices since 4 years, i.e., 2010. Nexus 9 is a tablet, and it is bringing the two giants together once more.  The news is confirmed by sources from The Wall Street Journal.

Specifications and Features

Basically, Nexus 9 would have 9 inch screen. Nvidia’s controversial Tegra K1 processors will be used in this device. This information is gleaned from the patent lawsuit in respect of Tegra K1 that Nvidia filed against Samsung as well as Qualcomm. But as yet, it is not clear which version of Tegra K1 will be integrated in Nexus 9. Tegra K1 is available as 32 bit and 64 bit versions.

Google’s Collaborations with HTC, Samsung, and Asus

Google had collaborated with Samsung for Nexus 10. However, the company has also partnered with HTC for manufacturing Nexus 7 before collaborating for manufacture of Nexus 9. Nexus 10 failed to take off, whereas Nexus 7 was rather successful product. Google also had some Nexus 7- line products made by Asus.

As of now the only other tablet that has Tegra K1 is the Xiaomi MiPad. This improves the chances of Nexus 9 to carve a market share for itself. Especially since Samsung is struggling with the lawsuit against it by Nvidia. The product will bring back good tidings for both HTC as well as Google.  It may be recalled that the last tablet manufactured by the Taiwanese company was in 2011, and in gadgets world, where technology is moving very rapidly, that is a real long time.

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