HTC Windows 8 Tablet Denied by Microsoft


Microsoft has dealt HTC a body blow as it says that HTC will not be allowed to release a Windows 8 tablet upfront when the new Microsoft operating system for tablets debuts later this year or early next year. Bloomberg reported that Microsoft decision to disallow HTC to sign up to Windows 8 for tablets initially is not a permanent one.

Why Microsoft Denies HTC?

Microsoft upsetting the tablet plans of the Android smartphone major may look at first because of the recent setbacks the delay in shipping of new gadgets and the dip in sales in Europe, which had forced HTC to lower its Q2 2012 revenue outlook by about 13 percent. However, the main reason might be the lackluster performance of the two Google Android tablets released earlier.

When Will We See HTC Tablets? 

HTC tablets have not hogged the headlines as much they would have liked to yet, and the mobile greatest hopes Windows 8 will bring them better fortunes. Bloomberg explains that we will most probably see HTC slates next year when the second round of Windows 8 tablets is released. Microsoft has finalized the list of companies to be given the initial version of Windows 8.

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