Images Leaked out of Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Neo


Galaxy Note 3 NeoSamsung Galaxy Note 3 is expected to be released in a lite variant. Since the news of this variant from December 2013, there are news coming about the Galaxy Note 3. While the device is to be released in February 2014, at MWC Spain, recently, a few of the specs were leaked in a document. A week later, an image of Galaxy Note 3 Neo, was published alongside the Galaxy Note 3.

Galaxy Note Neo 3: Is the Image Real?

It is a well-known fact that Samsung always keeps the devices in secret, the image can be bogus. The image of Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Neo looks similar to Samsung Galaxy Note 3 itself in various aspects like the design, which make the image credible.

How is the Neo Different from Galaxy Note 3?

The previously leaked document which contained the specs list of the Galaxy Note 3 Neo stated that the devices shared the same height, but the images prove that Galaxy Note 3 Neo is slightly shorter than the other device. If the leaked image can be real, then Neo is the first sample from Samsung that is unmasked.

 The Galaxy Note 3 Neo is said to have specs which include hexacore Exynos processor, 5.55 inch display, resolution of 720 pixels, rear camera of 8 MP, and Android Jelly Bean processor. The specs are very similar to the Galaxy Note 2.

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