Images of Xiaomi’s Redmi Note 2 Leaked


Xiaomi Redmi Note 2Gadgets the world loves to be ahead of the Company announcements. The latest news, rather unconfirmed rumor comes from @Kjumi, the Chinese tipster. According to this tipster, Chinese Electronics Company, Xiaomi has plans to introduce the successor of Redmi Note, which was a budget phablet. The device is referred to as Redmi Note 2 by the market. The leak suggests that the phablet may arrive on the market by August 13, 2015.

Anticipated Features of Redmi Note 2

The new phablet would include MiUI 7, which is a newly developed mobile software that Xiaomi developed in-house. The image revealed by @Kjumi shows the “About” page. Based on it gadgets world believes that the new device would be an Android based device. Based on the image, it can be deduced that the device’s dimensions would be approximately 152.05mm x76.2 mm x8.05mm. In all, it could weigh approximately 158.62 grams. The front camera in this lower end phablet could be 5 Megapixel camera whereas the rear end camera would be around 13 Mega Pixel camera. The battery in this device would be of approximately 3020 mAH.

Other Specifications

The market expects Android 5.0.2 or Lollipop to be the OS in this device. It is not clear whether the device would have MiUI 6 or MiUI 7. Though it would not be wrong to presume that the in-house software that would form an integral part of the device would be the lower version of the MiUI. RAM in this device is expected to be around 2GB, whereas the market expects the device to come with internal storage of 16 GB. The processor in the device could be Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 615, which comes with the powered avatar. However, the tipster’s view is that the device would have Octa core processor, more specifically MediaTek Hello (X10 MT6795) chip. For now, the device may be available in the range of $177).


As of now these are only unconfirmed rumors. Nevertheless, Xaomi may have plans to manufacture and sell these devices in India and elsewhere.

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