India to release its own tablet at $35


Usually, $35 can’t be used to buy a lot of things especially not gadgets but fret not because now, for $35, people in India can get their own tablet computer. Prior to this, India had also released a few other budget products such as a car at a cost of only $2000 and even a water purifier that costs a mere $15. All of this is done to help their poor citizens in their country.

The tablet released was called Aakash which aims to help villagers from being in total poverty. India aims to target roughly 220 million children in their country so that these new generation will be able to contribute better to their society by giving them education through technology.

Originally priced at $45 per piece, the government plans to subsidize it to a price tag $35 which would be financially better for those that are in the hardcore poor category. India also plans to sell these tablets to more than 100,000 customers and over the next few years, at least 10 million devices would be sold.

However, one of the questions that run through anybody’s mind is whether the device would work or not? This is especially true with cheap devices. However, until it is released, we can’t definitely say for sure.

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  1. Mihir says:

    it will be around $60 for direct consumers

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