Infibeam Phi Android Tablet Review, Features, Price in India


Infibeam Phi Android Tablet

Infibeam has recently started bringing their own gadgets in the market. This post is about an Infibeam Gadget, known as Infibeam Phi.

Introduction to Infibeam Phi

Infibeam Phi is India’s first Tablet PC. It is a 7-inch ultra-thin touchscreen android tablet, you can call this device as another competitor of Apple iPad and Android Tablets. Infibeam Phi is not released yet but it is available for pre-orders.

There is a choice for Android OS or Windows CE, we’ll be discussing the Infibeam Phi Android Tablet in this post.

Infibeam Phi Features

Infibeam Phi is same as any other Android Tablet. The user can view photos, access wireless internet, listen to your favorite music, play games, etc.

This device has got an inbuilt memory of upto 8 GB. One can also plug-in his micro SD card in the slot to access the files of phones or digital cameras.

One can download and install android games and applications to make it a fully entertainment gadget. This device is messenger enabled, so one can stay connected to his friends and family 24X7.

Infibeam Phi Price

I guess you must be thinking that this device will be as costly as Apple iPad, but you’re wrong this cool gadget is available just for Rs 14,999 in India and it comes with a 1 Year Warranty.

Infibeam Phi Release Date

This device is expected to release on 30th July 2010, if you can’t wait to grab this one, go and pre-order this device now.

You can also checkout other cool gadgets by Infibeam.

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  1. it’s awesome but looks lil costly… and break prone

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  2. dokwizard says:

    Buying a infibeam phi turned out to a horrible experience. i ordered infibeam phi (windows version). Firstly it took them 2 months to deliver the product and secondly it did not even run for 2 hours). I had a tough time sending back the product.Very bad experience for a first time buyer.Buying a android version would be useless as the version is 1.5 and cannot be upgraded. Better wait for new product as many epads/tab pcs are slated to be released (samsung galaxy tab has been released but its too much overpriced, olivepad 10K costlier is probably a better option if you can afford it)

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  3. I would not recommend this tablet. Stay with the manufacturers that will support you and updates regularly.

    Keep in mind Android can be installed on any device by anyone who wants to build a tablet or phone. Just because it has Android doesn’t mean the device is built well.

    We recommend sticking with the companies that work directly with Google. Samsung, Motorola, HTC and Velocity Micro. Asus has built affordable eee PCs for years but again they aren’t standing on stage with Google big wigs at announcements and conferences publicly committing to the Android experience. is the best place to read about tablets. No ads and just strait information on what to look for. Its built by developers and they know their stuff.

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  4. Abhishek says:

    Selling my tablet PC.

    Phone capability ,high end configuration and excellent touch.screen.

    More details available on the link below.

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  5. Kishlay Sharma says:

    2.2 Android Tablet with Free Keyboard and Pouch just for Rs.6900 -Signals have launched 7 inch Tablet with 2.2 Android , Webcam,Wifi,3G External Modem,Broadband Connectivity,supports 10.1 Flash ,PDF,MS Word,Excel,Powerpoint,JPEG,PNG,GIF etc.It plays almost all kinds of Videos fantastically well ,Expandable Memory UPTO 32 GB (SD card hot swappable )Webcam ….I am using it and it looks WOW ! ! Best Part is it comes with a Free KeyBoard Cum Leather Pouch and I got it all just for Rs.6900 .I think Signal Tablets are soon going to capture alot of Tablet Market in Middle Class Segment .If anyone wants it contact info at signalsinternational dotcom .

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  6. I definitely won’t be paying Rs.14k plus for an unbranded tablet that comes with only a 7 inch screen. Gosh, waste of money indeed. Many foreign brands are coming up with better tablets at just 75% of its price. If this particular tablet was priced at around Rs. 7k or something, I would have though of buying it. But at this price, it’s definitely a no-no!

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  7. Akshay says:

    Pardon me. But the review looks biased. This is not a proper review and you have just mentioned the features without discussing the performance at all.

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