Information about BlackBerry PlayBook leaked


Previously, we have covered about an upcoming version of the BlackBerry PlayBook which is set to be released soon. However, there wasn’t much that we can talk about its specification other than that we know it will feature a 4G LTE connection instead of just Wi-Fi. That is not the case anymore because based on a leaked photograph, we know more about the future BlackBerry PlayBook.

The BlackBerry PlayBook will make its initial launch in Canada before it is made available in other countries as well. By the looks of it, 4G LTE + Wi-Fi isn’t the only improvement that RIM has made to its only tablet device. You’ll also be getting a 32GB storage space whereas the old version is limited to only 16GB worth of storage. That isn’t all because the BlackBerry PlayBook will also get a 1.5 GHz dual-core processor as well to power up all of the applications inside it. Additional applications such as Documents To Go and Print To Go will also be made available for free on the PlayBook.
That isn’t just it because an updated version of the operating system is made available on the PlayBook. We are talking about the PlayBook OS 2.0. At a price tag of $350, it is also a reasonably priced tablet to have.

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