Inkia iPad Clone – inPad 701, inPad 702 Review, Specs, Features


Inkia Inpad 701 White

Inkia inPad 701 and Inkinia inPad 702 are Apple iPad (what is iPad?) Clones. The inPads are 7-inch Android Tablets which will be competing with the Apple iPad and with all the other leading Android Tablets as well.

The specifications of the Inkia inPad 701 and Inkia inPad 702 are listed below:

# The inPad 701 supports only wi-fi while the inPad 702 is equipped with both wi-fi and 3G Technology.

# Both of these tablets runs on 600 Mhz Rockchip RK2808.

# The inPads will be available be 128-256 MB RAM.

Other specs of Inkia inPad 701 and Inkia inPad 702 includes – 2 USB Ports.

We will soon be updating you with the pricing information and the release date, keep reading New Gadget blog.

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  1. What about price ?.

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    • Akash Malik says:

      As I have mentioned in the post, I’ll be updating with the price information and release date. It is not yet revealed by the Chinese Company, but they designed this clone to compete with iPad, so it is expected that the clones will be very cheap when compared to Apple iPad. Hope this helps. :)

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