iPad HD – Apple’s next tablet?


The third generation of Apple tablet may not be called iPad 3, but rather iPad HD, the chosen name intended to highlight the special qualities that its screen has.

If iPad 2 has a touch screen whose resolution are 1024 x 768 pixels, iPad HD could provide a screen resolution of 2048 x 1536 pixels, thus being able to display more detailed images with a higher performance than the previous tablet.

Doubling the screen resolution is not new to Apple products, iPhone 4 is equipped with a touch screen whose resolution is 960 x 640 pixels, double from the 480 x 320 pixels display of the screen of an iPhone 3GS.

Apple could launch the iPad HD tablet with iPhone 5, spoken of being thinner and lighter than iPhone 4, and under the hood you can find a dual-core processor, and an 8 MP camera for pictures.

Rumors coming from other directions labeled iPad HD tablet as an improved version of an iPad 2 and not a completely new product, because the completely new tablet would bear the name of the iPad 3. So, stay tuned for more information about the new iPad HD, quite a different product from Apple.

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