iPad Mini Rumors Comes to an end


There has not been an end to the ever-growing iPad Mini rumors even as the iPad 3 will be announced at the Buena Center for the Arts at San Francisco at an invitation event for the media. Contradicting recent reports of a 7.85 inch model of iPad Mini coming up later this year, a 7.1 inch tablet may be on the cards for the touted ‘Kindle killer’ according to VentureBeat.

7.1 Inch iPad Mini

7.1 Inch iPad Mini Information from CNet sources previously had indicated a 7.85 inch model for the iPad Mini due to be released in the third quarter of this year priced between $249 and $299 compared to $199 of the Fire- but now indications are that instead Apple may go in for a 7.1 inch version.

Competing Low End Tabs

Kindle Killer A 7.1 inch screen for the iPad seems more original considering Apple wants to hit out on the low end tablet market dominated now by Amazon’s Kindle Fire. The holiday season saw Amazon garnering up a sale of 6 million gadgets although Apple maintained the lead with a sale of 15 million tablets. According to IHS iSuppli the Kindle Fire came up to 14 percent market share compared to 57 percent of iPads in the last quarter of 2011.

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