Kindle Fire 2 Coming Soon


The upgrade to Amazon’s game changing Kindle Fire slate is expected to be launched at least by Christmas this year. The rumors have heated up as Amazon has been upgrading most of its services. Will the new Kindle Fire 2 gadget compete with the Google Nexus 7 and the cloud of Apple iPad Mini hovering on the budget slate market?

When is the Release?

It is still early days, but rumors are that the second generation of the Kindle Fire will dawn even before the holiday season. A late July announcement was previously expected now, expect it before thanksgiving.

What is at Stake?

Amazon’s foray into hardware has always been to sell its content more effectively Amazon is the undisputed leader in digital books, but as always Apple iTunes is the market leader in the digital music space. However, now hardware sales will not be an extra.

This is why the recent upgrades to Amazon’s Cloud Player become a sort of game changing one. Look at this one- a ‘scan-and-match’ type of music service. It scans your windows media player and iTunes libraries and matches it with the songs on Amazon’s online music library. These songs will be available on the cloud player and will be upgraded to 256kbps.

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