Kindle Fire able to view virtual Windows machine, recent update makes Kindle Fire loses root capability


The Kindle Fire is one of the most famous tablets as of date for a lot of reasons. For starters, the tablet offers a high performance specification at a fraction of the price of other tablets which is as powerful as the Kindle Fire. IPS technology, dual-core processing is available at a price of only $199 or cheaper at times.

There are a lot of astonishing feats that the Kindle Fire would do. For example, VMWare, the company behind a lot of virtualization technology recently announced that the company would make one of their applications, called VMWare View, available on the Kindle. They stick to their promise and now, all Kindle Fire devices will be able to use the software and get connected with their virtual desktop through the device. Some capabilities include full screen functionality as well as Mac Lion OS compatibility as well.

In other news, Amazon had recently provided an update for the Kindle Fire with the version 6.2.1. However, those that have rooted their devices may find that their devices will be no longer rooted with this particular update. Moreover, SuperOneClick utility has been disabled meaning that it is no longer possible to root the device with a mere click anymore.

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